“What is the grass?” (W.Whitman) 

What is it? Is it more enlightened than me? Can we describe the colour, the sound? Could we describe its inner song, its earth changing resonance?

What of the breeze as it takes us, the wind which blows in multifarious forms, which can have an evocation not dissimilar to the exhalatory breath? Where does it start? Where is the silence when there is sound? Can they co-exist?

I have always had a yearning to know more, to understand fully what the world holds, to explore how our bodies are a microcosm of the lands macrocosm, to “flesh out” our place in it, with its vast expanse, and how to redress the balance through harmony and sound.

I long for a place and a space where I can explore the breath and the voice connection in myself more fully. A space where I can connect to the nature around me and the nature within myself: To all, the land, myself, others, the moon, the stars, the galaxy. I wish to explore the feminine voice through the land, the realms, the sea and the stars. To draw upon the ancient rituals where the feminine mysteries were expressed through voice.

I am searching for how the feminine may be expressed through sound (or silence). How do I allow my own sensitivity to be expressed? I feel that it is time to perform that which seems delicate and beautiful. And that which is powerful and strong.

I look to my body as the storehouse of my emotions and experiences: my inner world. I long to gaily and curiously look into each room, empty cupboards, throw out, show, make proud once again items that have been faithfully locked away. 

I am as curious as a child, willing to let go of judgment, to return to the magic of an infant as it encounters the world for the first time. It trusts without fear and loves without boundaries and sounds without knowledge that the sounds may affect others.