Bespoke Summer Sessions

Bespoke Summer Sessions

Bespoke Breath and Voice sessions conducted on the earth and in water. An exciting new offering to find ourselves in the element of water. Maybe you are wanting to deepen your relationship to your balance, breath and body connection, a deeper understanding of your breath, Knowledge of body responses in the elements, opening of the channel and voice or Character Exploration

Each session is unique. Perhaps it will explore vocal and vowel shapes, volume and pitch. Or for text exploration, for presence, for connection. Or you can be intuitively guided and see what arises.

Each session is individually tailored. Each session is 2 hours in length.

Cancellations may occur due to weather. As much notice as possible will be given. If it has heavily rained in the 48 hours prior to your booking, the appointment will likely be cancelled.

Address will be supplied on booking. Please email to book and enquire further.