The knowledge, the art, has to ripen of it’s own accord from his own heart” Free play

‘Shibumi’ is a Japanese term which means “Harmony in Motion, Grace, Fluidity, Perfect Motion. A state of ‘effortless perfection'”.

I spoke to a singer today who described this state perfectly. She was “in the zone” during an important recital. It made my heart smile when she said ‘It was so good I could have sung forever’. That is Shibumi.

In a way this state leads us to deeper learning and deeper seeing. The effects of awareness on our understanding, our sense of self, and our sense of belonging in the world is magnified from being in this state. How we may combine our true essence with our sense of creativity and connection with ourselves and the world. It is also an incredible stillness whilst moving. “Effortless effort” is like watching world class ice skating champions skate around the ice so easily we might think we could do it easily too!

How do we reach this state with ease? Are we able to do it in all areas of our life or only some? One thing is for certain: When we are in this state, we know. Time stands still, yet flows, We feel alive and present, and all happens without ‘trying’ at all. Delicious.

Every profound innovation is based on an inward journey, ongoing to a deep place where knowing comes to the surface” Brian Arthur